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    Single Source Printed Documentation glitches in Index

    Debbie Hemstreet

      I have been using the RoboHelp 6 trial. I have found that there are some two pronlems with my Index:

      1. Two grey lines appear within the Index. I suspect that these grey lines are a part of the border property set in Heading 1 in the Word template I have attached to the project. There are two lines within the index, cutting through the index text, and their placement seems random. (see a screen capture of one of these lines at this address: http://www.hyperexciting.com/robohelp/rh_index_line.jpg The other line appears right after the index.

      2. The first index entries under some letters are centered right under the letter (In the screen capture, URL below, the word that is incorrectly centered ("Partner") is circled in green. The place where it SHOULD be printed is indicated by the blue arrow ("Partner" should begin in the same column that "My" does: http://www.hyperexciting.com/robohelp/rh_index_1.jpg

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Jennifer Bennett