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    ColorMatrixFilter - How to set a SPECIFIC HLS to a greyscale png

      I am able to use the color matrix filter to change the pngs that I am loading dynamicly. Thing is, I can't seem to figure out how to apply a SPECIFIC hue, saturation and luminance.

      Basically I can successfully modify my grey scale png to all sorts of colors already. I need to be able to colorize them with, for example I would in photoshop put in H:212 S:36 L:-48 and it would turn out a great blue... how do I turn those numbers in to the proper color matrix to be applied?

      I have done a good bit of research on hls/rgb and also tried using this adobe sample app to put in numbers similar to above, expecting to get a matrix that would apply those transformations. Using the resultant matrix, the image stays at a very low saturation even when using positive luminance values. I could guess at it, but I have a bunch of PMS colors I am going to have to match... SO at least being able to convert HLS or RGB into an applicable color matrix with predictable results is needed.

      oh, btw, I don't really know complex math like cos and sin and stuff. I just want to need these HLS or RGB numbers translated into matrices if possible :) Any help is greatly appreciated.