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    Can't see topics in WYSIWIG

      For a new project (first one I've created in new Robohelp), I modified the default style sheet (default.css) with the Style dialog box. It worked fine until I imported a Word doc, which resulted in another style sheet getting imported.

      Now, any topic that I try to apply the new style sheet to doesn't show up in the WYSIWIG. It shows up in the preview and in the True Code, but I can't see it in the WYSIWIG. The only way I can see it is to apply the style sheet that came in with the Word doc.

      The other really messed up thing that's happening is, when I apply either style sheet to a topic, the content from that topic replaces content in EVERY topic. So, if I apply one of the style sheets to Topic A, Topic A's content is copied to every topic in my project!!

      Can anyone help?