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    pagination and page shuffle with alternate layouts

    illustral design Level 1

      I know I can now move pages around so that they make sense to me for artwork finally. In the sense that I can use a combo of alternate layout, page shuffle and drag and drop along with page forced numbering to create a document that is viewed as spreads starting with the back cover first then the front as the same spread as it is on press. But why can this not be a starting option from the word go? It would be so much better and quicker for designs that have overlapping back to front cover elements. And it would also teach people about how artwork lines up on press.


      I have never created artwork for a brochure that doesn't have the back and front as spreads - so why is it so tedious to set this up in InDesign? For a 16 page brochure the facing pages should always be 16-1, 2-3, 4-5, etc. It is about time this was the default layout rather than people always having a blank right hand page at the start (I see this all the time in artwork that is sent to press) and having to alter page numbering to match the flow (or worse people resort to using variables to mark page numbers within artwork). It is really daft. Lets vote for a check box on the new document dialogue, and a check box to paginate from '1 to end' for pdf output dialogue in the usual viewing format. This way we get to design as it is meant to be, and our customers still get the start to end format if they need it.