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    Fireworks CS5 Invlaid page name error on export


      I've been using CS3 up until today on my Window 7 machine. I decided to install CS5 today and have run into issues when trying to export slices from Fireworks.

      I right click on the slice, select export selected slice as usual, select the image I want to overwrite or simply type in a new file name and click save...

      I get this on my screen:


      Invalid page name. Done not use the following characters: \ / : * ? " " < > |


      I haven't used any of these characters and never do!

      it doesn't matter even if the filename contains only letters, I still get this error.


      I can't export anything and therefore I can't work.

      I've searched on google and not had any relevant search results.


      Can someone help??


      Many thanks