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    Is there a limit to how big the video file can be, storage size or pixel size, when inserting in a powerpoint?


      When I add a video file to a ppt file using adobe presenter 9 it will now work when it reaches that slide.  the video will start but at about 30 seconds in it will tear to green.  Sometimes it will return and sometimes it will just stop after that.  When it comes back it will continue until about 40-45 seconds in then on a fade to black it will not play anymore. The slider will continue as if it is playing but no output is seen on the screen.


      The video file in question is 165MB, 1920 x1080 pixels MP4

      If I convert it to smaller, 65MB, 1080 x 608 MP4 file everything works with no issue.


      Can anyone shed any light on this?



      Things I have checked:


      Adobe updated

      Office Updated

      Windows Updated

      Drivers updated

      64 bit consistency

      Source file validation

      Rebooted computer

      Flash installed

      Flash trust enabled