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    Problem with MenuBar

      I have a MenuBar in an ApplicationControlBar container. Everything works as expected.

      When I embed this into my html page, the MenuBar creates a panel beneath it, which is deep enough for the deepest menu item when it pops up. I think it has the same skin as in the MenuBar itself mx.skins.halo.MenuBarBackgroundSkin.

      I can position the page correctly using layers in html, but I need this panel to be transparent, so that the menus pop-up over the page itself.

      Does anyone have any idea how to do this and shouldn't transparent be the default style anyway? Why would you want it to be opaque?

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          doug777 Level 1
          I can see now that this panel beneath the MenuBar is the Application layer itself.

          Does anyone know how to make the Application layer transparent. I've tried all the obvious things like alpha="0", and tried setting with the various background styles directly in the mx:Application line, but I can't find any single thing or combination of things that will make the Application layer transparent.

          Can anyone help please?

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            doug777 Level 1
            Just got back to this and of course I can see now that this gray panel is the stage.

            The stage class says that alpha is preset and cannot be changed.

            I there really no way at all to make the stage transparent?

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              doug777 Level 1
              Found this which looks like it should work, but doesn't seem to work for me.


              Does anyone know if in principle this ought to work with a swf created by Flex?

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                doug777 Level 1
                If I set

                <mx:Application alpha = "0" ...

                as well as setting wmode to transparent in the wrapper, the stage becomes transparent !!

                But now I have the problem that it also makes the ApplicationControlBar transparent even though its alpha is 1.

                There seems to be a complex interaction between the alpha settings of the various display objects and I can't work out the logic of it.

                Can anyone enlighten me??