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    Rendering from a Shared Avid ISIS

    evilschultz Level 1

      Working at a large post house where everything is stored on an Avid ISIS 5500. Using the newest version of AE CC 2014, I cannot render to an ISIS partition without it failing. I also cannot render from assets and projects located on the ISIS because for some reason it does odd things like a frame of the graphic will render without the text layer for only one frame and it's never the same frame twice when you re-render. Is AE compatible with Avid ISIS storage at all? Suer helps when you can have a few systems pointed to a shared watch folder with all the assets in one location. What is Adobe's stand on shared network partitions as well?

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          petero5767549 Level 1

          Hi there,


          We are having similar issues. Mainly the Adobe Suite crashing when navigating through open dialog boxes. We are also experience crashes when running Cinema 4D.

          Is it a PC - ISIS thing? As all our Macs that we use for AE and C4D run absolutely fine.


          Did you find anymore information on this? We are running CC 2015.2 and C4D R15 still having the same problems.