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    Buggiest Version EVER!

    CharlieMorey Level 1

      Been using CC (Photoshop and ACR mostly) for quite a while now, and this latest version of Photoshop/ACR is one of the BUGGIEST pieces of...software I've ever tried to use.


      Seems Adobe has given up beta testing now that they have us on the line. Things that worked just fine in the earlier versions have lots of annoying little bugs that slow work and try patience.


      One example: In ACR, under the Lens tab, we have the ability to adjust the angle of the image. In earlier versions, once I placed the cursor in the field to type in an angle, it would stay there until I was finished. Now it jumps out after the first character entry so that I have to reach for the mouse (pen) and re-place the cursor in the field again. Every time, every image.


      In any case, I'd like to urge Adobe to return to their earlier beta testing procedures and stop using their paying customers for that purpose.