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    InDesign SERIOUS HELP NEEDED!!!! Can't open ANYTHING!!!


      I was working away on my mac yesterday on 2 clients InDesign files when all of a sudden a fatal error came up and I have not been able to get back in!!!  I'm REALLY FREAKED OUT right now!!!  Have I lost 2 years worth of work due to an Adobe problem?


      I noticed when it crashed that a new updated 2014 software was sitting in my cloud.  I installed that and tried to open files and nothing!  The beach ball just spun and spun!  I deleted old software and still nothing!  I deleted all software and preferences and SING file and still cannot open ANY old files!!!  Called Adobe and the tech guy says my files look corrupted??????  WTF???  I didn't do anything!!!!  I have 2 years worth of client files now that I cannot open?  I created PDF of last version and wonder about importing that to atlas begin to create the 2 projects I was working on and have yet to try that.  It seems that not one of the old files is opening and I'm nearly in tears!!!