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    Advice on file storage, access, and proliferation.

    Mike Chamberlain

      Mac OS X 10.9.4 PSCC


      Hi. Working at a small advertising company, we have a library of about 250GB of PSDs and TIFFs that we need access to at home and at work, in addition to currently open jobs. For a while we were having success with a portable drive and a file sync program but they seem to get buggier and buggier the longer you run one. Between file proliferation and deletion we've had some pretty bad screw ups, not to mention lost work. Considering an online storage solution but not crazy about the idea of continuously uploading/downloading files. I'm leaning now towards a combination of online storage for old files, and working directly from the fastest USB 3.0 drive I can find. Maybe even popping for the actual Apple thumb drive.


      Typically we only need to carry around a few gigs, but then you get the phone call that the boss or a client wants to see a certain file, or wants you to use a piece of it, and now its a trip to the office.


      So does anyone have a similar situation? What is everyone else doing?