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    Please assist with image style question....

    kdeuler Level 1



      1. I have defined an image style which looks like this in the image style editor:



      2. I applied the style to an image. As expected, in the WSIWYG editor, the image is intented 1.75in":




      The code (for this simple page, which happens to be a master page, but I find the issue on regular pages too) looks like this:




      3. HOWEVER, in preview mode, and in the WebHelp output, the graphic is flat against the right edge:




      Is something being overwritten somewhere? Or, perhaps I don't understand what a "class" is?






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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          HI Kurt


          I could be wrong here, but what you shared shows the image "smooshed against" the LEFT side not the right.


          I'm wondering if the issue here is your naming of the style. I note there seems to be a period in it. You might try again and ensure the style name doesn't contain a period. I'm thinking that may be confusing things.


          Cheers... Rick

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            kdeuler Level 1



            1. Yes, thank you. I meant "left" side.
            2. You were spot-on! The period was indeed the problem. Of course, I re-discovered an issue I found long ago: When the user Renames a style, the style is removed from all entities that it was formerly applied to, without warning (and, I believe, without undo). Luckily, I was only doing a test.


            Thanks again!