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    Photoshop CC 2014 - Interface Lag, Slow to Update




      This issue appears on both OSX 10.9.5 Mavericks on an iMac 2.9 Ghz i5, 8GB Ram, 512 vRam Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M and on a MacBookPro Late 2013 with 2.4GHZ Quad i7, 16GB Ram, 2GB vRam Geforce (Don't have laptop in front of me for exact settings at the moment)


      It doesn't occur ALL the time but very frequently. The issue is that I will be working on a file with multiple layers of all sorts, shapes and sizes, then I will SAVE that file, CLOSE it and the go to work on another file and the layers from the previous file are still showing on the Layers Panel. If I go to click on a layer, the old layers will vanish but the layer I selected would be wrong. If I go to select the next layer it will highlight the one I had previous selected, then if I click on a different layer, it would highlight the one I was just trying to select. Like there is a lag in between what is actually selected and what is highlighted.


      When this happens ALL of the UI starts to lag. The Character and Paragraph boxes start to lag, for example: trying to set text size or Leading, I would go to type in my size and it won't show. I will tab out of it and it still won't show. If I click off of it and back into it it will refresh and finally be updated to what I entered.


      The Tool Bar at the top, I guess is what its called? Where you have your Brush settings if you have the brush tool active, or you have some text settings visible when the text tool is active, this will also be lagged. If I have the Brush tool selected, the Move Tool settings will be showing.


      It's all very laggy. I can fix it by quitting Photoshop and re-starting it, but seeing how this happens almost after every file I open it's a major pain since I build like 30 a day where I work.


      It's not all the time and there isn't a real rhyme or reason to it. It some times just happens after a long period of time. And it isn't directly relative to how many things I have going on outside of Photoshop. Most of the time I have Chrome running, Mac Mail, Photoshop, Illustrator, Filezilla, Distiller and Acrobat open. But the problem still persists even when Photoshop is running all on its own after a fresh reboot.


      I tried uninstalling and re-installing Photoshop CC completely on both machines but it still seems to be a problem. CC didn't have this issue, just 2014.


      I don't know what the issue is. Its not a MAJOR issue since quitting the Application and Restarting it fixes it but its an unneeded inconvenience.