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    recovering previews using ExtractPreviews.lua.zip


      hi everyone,


      I'm Mac user, LR 4


      i lost my imagines and trying to recover the previews I"VE DONE WHAT INSTRACTION SAYS about using Extract Previews BUT THETE IS NO scripts BOTTOM IN THE TOP MENU as it shown on the pic  on Adobe website.


      I placed unziped ExtraPrevies.lua in scripts folder (that on is in Lightroom folder among Backups folder LRseting, LR 3 Catalog.Ircat, LR 4 Catalog.Ircat, LR 4 Catalog. Irdata and some Temporary files)


      Please what to do? why its not showing off? I was quiting LR and restart Mac



      BTW I heard about Preview Exporter - LR Plugin (from here: robcole.com - PreviewExporter ) - have u ever tried that way?


      thx for help