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    Missing folder structure on external hard drive


      I am using LR5 on a Windows 7 machine.  I keep all of my photographs and catalog on an external hard drive and back everything up to another external hard drive.  I recently removed the drive that I work from so that I could work on some photographs from my laptop while working remotely (I have no cloud services).  I reconnected the hard drive, restarted my desktop and then launched LR5.  I can see the drive as being on line, but none of the folder structure that I have created over the years is visible.  Under the catalog tab I see All Photographs, Quick Collections, Previous Import, and Missing Photographs.  I tried relaunching the catalog from the File menu and from the folder on the hard drive by double clicking on the lrcat file.  However, I still cannot see the folder structure in LR5.  I can see all of the folders in my LR photo catalog, and all of the files within those folders.  When I edit any of the photos, I get prompted to go find the file, which I can do.  Any idea as to what is happening?