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    Performance Setup and Hard Drive setup. PLEASE HELP! Newbie over here!


      I am new to all of this Adobe setups and learning computer hardware. So please go easy on me.


      First question. What would be the best way to setup my computer for the best performance when using After Effects and Premiere at the same time? I really don't understand this. What's the best options here when I only have 16 GB of RAM?

      preferences memory.jpg


      Second Question. How should I set my drives up? This is what I think to be correct but I would love a second opinion.




      And also what's the best way to set this up for Premiere?


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Unless you know for sure that you are not going to use temporal effects or render to a codec that works with MP rendering turned on (Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously) then turn it off. It's better than it was in previous versions but still can cause tremendous delays and even system hangups if you throw in an incompatible effect or render to an incompatible codec.


          Set your ram used by other applications to an even number in the top field -- always, and if you do decide to use MP rendering I have a question about your choice for ram allocation there. How many processors are "Actually Used?" I'm getting zero for Other Applications and Zero for AE. You need to change things here. If you cannot allocate an even number of CPU's to AE then don't bother. If you are going to use MP rendering - run a bunch of tests when you have processors assigned to the process and you are leaving at least 2 to other apps and the minimum RAM assigned in MP is an even number. Otherwise, throw 2 or 4 GB of your available ram to other apps at the top and turn off MP.


          The location of your disk cache can be anywhere you like. I always pick a big fast drive with lots of space that is not the same as my system drive or the source footage drive unless I have no other options.


          Did you read this? Optimizing After Effects Performance