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    JPEGs much larger in latest version of Photoshop CC2014 than before

    raytrazer Level 1

      Not sure anybody else ran into this but since I upgraded Photoshop CC2014 to the latest version, JPEGs I save out directly are much larger than they should be. A JPEG that is indicated to be 1MB turns out to be 11MB and takes for ever to preview in Mac Finder. They are small when I go through Save for Web, but I use scripts to automatically save layers to files to the image processor and there I am stuck with this huge JPEG files. I tried things like not embedding previews, profiles, thumbnails, increasing compression to less than even medium quality, but they are all 10 times the size they should be making them unfit for emailing etc. It looks to me like a bug or something was added that gets included in the file that should;t.


      Anybody else run into this? Any ideas how to get this fixed so I can save JPEGs out normally again?