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    Handling of small video files in a project




      I am using after effects for a creating videos which consist of many small other videos. And here comes my problem with it:

      Each time I add a small video file to my project I only need only a small fraction of it. But those small fractions are normally not at the beginning of that file. Which means I have to drag and drop the file many times to the left. Is there a way to speed that process up? Maybe like every video file droppped in my project starts at the 2min mark or something? I would then save a lot of time dragging stuff around.


      My other problem is that I have more than 200 videos I need to put into my project. But importing them and later searching in those videos takes a lot of time. Is there maybe a way to fasten that too? Normally I do not know before the end of the project which of those 200 videos I need (normally only need 20-30 of them, so I put them all in).


      Thanks a lot for any advice



      PS: On a technical side: I got 4GB Ram but it seems after effect is only using 50% of it (using win 7 64 bit). Can I increase that? And also, what part of my computer would increase working speed in after effect the most (I do not mean rendering since I do that on a different computer, I only mean putting 200 videos in, drag and drop stuff, previews ect.). Would maybe a SSD drive fasten this?