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    I am testing with Tincan reporting


      I made an presentation with Quiz Manager, Adobe Presenter 10.

      I published files ,with checking 'enable reporting for this presentation' and selecting 'Tincan' as settings.

      And I putted OpenAjaxManagedHub-all.js file  to /data/resources/ha/OpenAjaxManagedHub-all.js


      I deployed to server, and tried to put Public LRS(http://tincanapi.com/report-sample/).

      The tc-config.js setting is below.




             endpoint: "https://cloud.scorm.com/ScormEngineInterface/TCAPI/public/",

             auth:     "Basic VGVzdFVzZXI6cGFzc3dvcmQ="




      But no XMLHttpRequest was found in FireBug.


      When will the xAPI(tin can) request throw to LMS?

      (each question answered or all answered?)


      Is there some point to make certain?


      Help me.