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    Verity spider not indexing dynamic content


      I have a website setup as a virtual website on my IIS server. Everything works great with the site. I setup a virtual directory under http://localhost pointing to this other site so I coudl spider it ( http://localhost/spider2007). I then setup my text file to spider this directory. Here's the text:

      -style C:\CFusionMX7\verity\Data\stylesets\ColdFusionVspider\
      -collection C:\CFusionMX7\verity\collections\2007
      -start http://localhost/2007spider
      -start http://localhost/2007spider/veritySiteMap.cfm
      -exclude *test*

      I then setup the collection in the CF Administrator and then indexed the collection.

      Here's what happened:

      The vspider file indexed what appeared to be a handful of files, while the CF Admin version spidered all files. When I perform my search, I see all the files, but none of the dynamic content. Where a page should read "Travel", I see "#pagetitle#", etc.

      Not sure what I'm doing wrong so that it's now reading the dynamic content.

      I do have a specific IP address associated with the virtual directory in IIS... could that be it? I also tried using '-virtualhost' with the domain name, but that didn't seem to make a difference.