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    Pagination changes result in master objects moving


      Whenever my pagination changes, either from documents in my book starting on an even page, or by inserting a page the objects set in my master pages move (generally toward the gutter). I can reapply the master page as a fix and select the option of using the master page size to put the objects back where they should be.


      This issue does not occur when I start from a template that I did not create and is known to not have this issue, but once I start making edits to the objects on the master pages that are necessary for my project the issue pops up. I'm duplicating existing boxes. And the perplexing thing is that when I just have "Words" in the boxes for my headers the issue does not occur, but when I enter the actual text that I need for my project it does. When I go back to "Words" the issue doesn't occur anymore. The text fits in the box, no preflight errors. The issue is popping up on my machine and one of my colleagues.