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    Mail Merge With Conditional Formatting


      I have a business card that I am trying to do Mail merge so that we dont have to type every single order in.

      is it possible to do Conditional Formatting in mail merge?


      The contact info in our cards have a little Wingding Square instead of a colon in between the word "Phone" and the actual Phone number.


      IF some client does not want to fill up all 3 lines of info, right now the little square still shows by itself in the line.


      Any ideas on how to solve this?


      Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 10.47.55 AM.png

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          MW Design Level 5

          Easiest way to me would do a Find/Change post-merge. You could also add a field to the merge source for the Wingdings character, but then you would also need to add the character for each record. Which is why I would do a find/change instead. Without seeing your ID file nor how the datafile is set up, I am guessing here.


          For the find/change, see the screen shot.


          There is a space between the <F06E> and the <FEFF> in my example as I had a space between the Wingdings square box and the data that followed it. I am also guessing which Wingdings character you are really using.


          As seen in the screen shot, the first Find was the all but empty line. The first angle bracketed code is the unicode number for the Wingdings glyph, the second angle bracketed code is for the left over merge marker.


          As a note, there is a plug-in that can do conditional expressions.