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    Trouble with lasso selection, quick selection, and error messages (saying selection is empty)


      Hi there


      I am trying to sect a person out of a picture and paste it into this collage picture I am working on. First i tried using the quick selection tool but I guess my man that I am trying to cut out has too many colors: when I go to use the quick selection it immediately goes into a box around the entire picture. I even tried painting the rest of the photo black with the exception of the man, but still the same results with the quick selection. Then I tried the lasso but nine times out of ten it would stop and make an odd selection. when I finally did get a good lasso selection (done after much cursing) then CS6 told me that "the selection is empty" . What? I did make a new layer before I did the selection.


      Can you help me resolve these issues?

      I just downloaded CS6 just a day ago and have a lot to learn, but i have worked with Paint.net and Paint Shop Pro for the past two years so I am familiar with paint and photo editing software.





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