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    Cover appearing incorrectly (newbie question)


      Hi, I'm creating my first epub—using EPUB 3, making it reflowable, so it should be pretty straightforward. I've got most everything working, including the TOC. It's great.


      But the cover is not exporting in the expected way. When I open the epub in iBooks, the graphic objects are more or less properly placed on top of each other, but the type is showing up so large that it's being clipped. I'm attaching an example here with some of the type blurred out for proprietary interests.


      141031 Epub.jpg


      For the record, the title of the book is longer than "How they" :-)


      If I could fix this so that the type shows, that would be great, but it's still not 100% of how I would like the cover to appear. Is there a way to replace the entire page with a single image object, as I'm able to do with the cover that appears in the iBooks gallery/shelf view?


      Also, how can I get the front matter (copyright info etc.) to appear on a separate page from the cover, and from the TOC? Right now they all flow together, and I would like to see page breaks in between each.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Ellis home Level 4

          Tell us more about the image. File type, dimensions, did you scale the text somehow, did you apply character and paragraph style? I take it you are using a separate image for the cover (not rasterizing first page).

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            AnshulJain19 Adobe Employee


            You can select cover as an external image, if you have an exact image which you want to use for cover. Your text is reflowable, so it depends on reader font size that how big and small it appears. If your text frame is in group then you will have to make text frame little bigger so that it can contain whole text as in case of group, text frame size would be fixed.

            For image breaks, you can select that particular frame and assign 'Insert Page Break' to it using Object Export Options dialog which can be found in Object menu.