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    Finding copy of RoboHelp 6

      I need to present a RoboHelp project in a school computer lab that only has RoboHelp 6. I want a copy of RH 6 so I can work on the project at home, but I can only find downloads for later versions. I heard that once I edit a file in RoboHelp 8, earlier versions will not be able to open it. An application that would convert RoboHelp 8 files so they could be read in RoboHelp 6 would also be helpful.

      If you know where I could download RoboHelp 6 or a conversion application, please help!
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          I don't want to think about your username!

          You are correct that you cannot open RH8 projects in earlier versions, the same is true of RH7. To be more accurate, there are ways of opening the project in the strictest sense of the word "open" but you would not be able to save any some things would not work. Also there are no converters so don't waste time looking.

          Your main chance is to Google RoboHelp 6. You will likely find some vendors who still have copies. Negotiate the price though. Their market for selling them to technical authors would be very limited. Someone like you is probably their only hope.

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            Are you implying that if I install RoboHelp 6, that I cannot and should not open older project files created in RoboHelp X5?
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              rsctang Level 1
              Oh nevermind. I found the answer to my question elsewhere.
              RoboHelp always seems to be backwards compatible but not forwards compatible.

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                RoboWizard Level 4
                Welcome to our community, rstang

                Actually the reverse is true. You may typically only move from older versions to newer with ease. It's returning to an older version that becomes difficult.

                Cheers... Rick