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    Can Director Do What I'm Trying To Do?

      i'm researching interactive multi-media apps that can select audio files based on simple logic states (i.e. did the user click on something during the playing of the file?) and begin them immediately/seamlessly/unnoticeably after the current sound file is finished (and all the better if this worked for movies as well as audio). it is of the utmost importance that the transition between sound files be as close to sample-accurate as possible since i intend to create a seamless musical stream the flow of which the user can direct.

      can director do this? any details about how it is done and/or directions for further research would be greatly appreciated.
      thank you.
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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          Take a look at the sound object. Go to the LiveDocs, then click on:

          Director Scripting Reference
            Director Core Objects
              Sound Channel

          You will see methods such as queue() and play(). Quote: "Once a sound has been queued, it can be played immediately with the play() method. This is because Director preloads a certain amount of each sound that is queued, preventing any delay between the play() method and the start of playback."
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            soundsliketree Level 1
            Thank you very much for the response. By the way, I'm not a Director user yet. I'm exploring the application's features to see if it is the program I need to do what I want to do.

            This is good news about the queue function. I'd like to ask a more in depth question for you to consider if you have the time. Let's say I have a collection of 100 sound files (of various sizes) and when any given one is playing there is the possibility of one of two other ones to play seamlessly, immediately after it: call them "Option A" and "Option B" (both of which would be different for every sound file). Option A would play if the user did nothing during the course of the sound file playing, and Option B would play if the user clicked something during the playing of the sound file.

            Could director handle that many sound files - given that at any point in time only two would have to be queued?

            Also, I understand from your response that the queued file will be preloaded and play immediately, but is the point at which the current sound file ends and the queued one begins a sample-accurate transition? Anything less than that could be heard as a glitch.

            Thanks very much for your help. I'm an audio editor and I'm swimming in unfamiliar waters.