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    Why doesn't my Cross References panel use meaningful names for each cross reference in the list?

    Mathias17 Level 3

      Creating a catalog.

      I defined two "hyperlink destinations" and am using them as "cross references" in my table of contents.


      I'll add many more cross references soon, but I need the Cross References panel to list them with meaningful names, so I can find and edit them easily.

      Otherwise, I might be better off just updating the numbers manually when the catalog is updated (yuck).


      Is there a way for the Cross References panel to use meaningful names without using the name in the actual text visible on the page?


      Here's what I'm getting:



      Just a dang pound sign, since my cross reference format simply inputs a page number on the page.

      How do I know which is which?? I don't. I need more info in the Cross References panel.



      If I add text to the cross reference format's definition, it's visible on the page, BUT does also get added to the Cross References panel.



      Close, but no cigar.

      I can't allow anything other than the respective page number to appear on the page.


      Any insights?