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    Preview and scrollable text problems


      Is anyone else having problems getting the scrollable text function to work in an overlay to a fixed layout ePub? I have the latest version of InDesign CC, purchased last week.


      Here is a picture of my file. As you can see, it's pretty darn simple. Content box is on the right. You can't see the entire box but It is long enough to fit all of my text. On the left, I created a container box, wider but shorter than the content box. I then selected the content and used Paste Into to put the content into the container. Next, I selected the container, went to Folio Overlays, and I designated the content box as vertical scrolling, start at upper left, and Vector format. But when when I tried to preview it (more on preview problems in a minute), the container appears as a simple text box with no scrolling capability. I've asked the Adobe help people and they don't seem to have any ideas yet.


      scrollable screenshot.jpg


      As far as preview goes, well, I can export to Adobe Digital Editions or I can look at the page in Window/Interactive/EPUB Interactivity Preview. But File/Folio Preview just processes the page and then returns nothing. And the same thing happens when I hit Preview in the Folio Overlays panel.


      I'd love to know if this is unique to my system or a common problem. Since I only purchased CC to produce annotated books, there is not much I can do without it. And if CC doesn't do it, does anyone have a suggestion for something a non-programmer could use to get the same result?


      Thanks for any help.

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          AnneMarie Concepcion Adobe Community Professional

          Scrollable frames are a DPS -- Digital Publishing Suite-- function (as are all other effects from the Folio Overlay panel). Those are a different beast than Fixed-Layout EPUBs.


          For fixed-layout, all interactivity is supported (any panel in the Windows > Interactive flyout) except for Forms, Page Transitions, and the two Animation presets Smoke and Blur. Note that the panels Folio Builder and Folio Overlays are not part of the Interactive group of panels.


          I know it's very confusing!


          If you're trying to create an *app* then you use DPS, and you should be asking this question in the DPS forum.

          Digital Publishing Suite


          If you're trying to create an *ebook* then this is the forum to post in. 


          You might find my new lynda.com video tutorial course, Creating Fixed Layout EPUBs from InDesign CC, to be helpful. A bunch of the videos are free and may be all you need. To watch the others, though, you'll need a subscription. You can use my Free Pass URL to get a free week of open access to all the lynda.com videos.


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