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    need help with responsive design and floated divs

    Johnny the boy Level 1

      I am working on a webpage here.  http://webtest.iu.edu/~iutreas/fluid.html


      It needs work.  My current task is to try to adjust it so it has responsive design.


      I am having trouble with the 3 divs contained within the div called #main_primary.  The three divs are called #primary_left_column, #primary_middle_column, and #primary_right_column.


      When the browser width is reduced then the primary_right_column and primary_middle_column get placed underneath the primary_left_column.  This is the behavior I want to see on a smart phone but the primary_right_column and primary_middle_column divs appear on a gray background instead of a white background so it seems they are no longer contained within #main_primary once the browser width shrinks and they get placed below.


      How can this be solved?