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    Movie has JPG file somehow hidden or in file

    Bernd Rac


      here is a weird issue I just encountered in lightroom 5 . I got a CD from a Photographer to work on the pictures the cd had one movie file in there. So I imported the file and when I renamed the images and went into the parent folder of the images I saw there was a extra image in there which I did not see in the catalogue . The image was out of order it had the last number of the sequence but should have been somewhere in the middle of the number sequence . Anyway when I went back into lightroom I could not find the image (even so lightroom renamed the image) trying to sync the folder did not work said not image to sync, reimporting did not work as it was not found as new one. Anyway I saw though that the image has the same sequence number as the movie and in the catalogue I can see that on the movie it says the name of the movie file but it also says mov+jpg , but i can not unstag the image

      anybody have seen that issue and if so is the there a solution.


      I will try to rename the image in the finder and see if I can import like that