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    Animate Text Box


      I want to make a clip like this with Text boxes like in the video

      how to do the animation like the first box in 0:04.


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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          It's easiest to do this in a nested comp in the desired aspect ratio for the box.  Use two solids for the color: one with two masks at the perimeter using the write-on effect to make the outline.  The other solid -- bigger than the nested comp -- moves diagonally to fill the comp.  Duplicate this solid to use as a track matte to reveal the icon.  Another duplicate of this solid -- rotated back to normal from 45-degrees -- can be positioned and used as a track matte for the text that drops down.


          Pretty simple stuff.  It would take me about 10 minutes... but then, I've never been known for my speed.

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            Abcdly12 Level 1

            Still looks a bit complex for me could you please break it down more, or maybe you know a youtube tutorial that shows a similar idea.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I would do this with a single shape layer for the animated box and graphic and then add two text layers. The Shape Layer would have two rectangle paths, one with stroke only, one with fill,  and a vector path for the graphic (gun). I would add trim path animations for the stroke and fill animating offset for the fill layer to create the wipe, tie position and size of the rectangles together with simple expressions, then animate the position of the graphic. The text layers would have animated position and opacity. The whole thing would be grouped by a null so I could move the entire text block around the screen easily. You could also pre-compose. The project would look like this:


              Here's a CS6 version of the project for you to dig into and figure out. I would create your graphic in Illustrator and copy and paste the path to a shape layer path. This took me about 10 minutes and it was a fun exercise. ShapeLayerTextBox-CS6.aep (Note: if your browser adds a txt extension to the file just remove it and leave the .aep and the file will open in CS6 or later)

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                Abcdly12 Level 1

                Thanks. It's nice iI'll try to figure it out.

                This comp 1, how can I copy paste it so that l instead of having this one box in the project there will be say 4 boxes each of them displaying a bit different text. When I try to copy paste comp 1 and change it a bit it changes all of them to look the same. When i just want to change one of them.

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  If you want to duplicate a composition you must do that in the project panel not in the timeline. Duplicating a layer in a timeline just makes another copy of the same layer. Both layers will be identical except for effects and transformations you apply to the individual layers.


                  In the example that I gave you you could select all three layers and duplicate them or you could pre-compose the three layers and then duplicate the pre-comps in the project panel.

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                    Abcdly12 Level 1

                    I'm Duplicating a Comp in the panel and it still makes it the same comp