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    Adobe Presenter 10 - Windows - Slides not auto advancing?

    mrysavy Level 1


      I am having a lot of trouble getting my slides to auto advance. When I preview the presentation within PowerPoint (Adobe Presenter tab, Preview, Preview Presentation), everything looks fine, but when I publish and preview in the browser, the first slide auto plays, but then the following slides do not. I've tried changing just about every setting regarding slide behavior that I can think of and have included screenshots of the screens I've made changes with. I'd appreciate any and all suggestions!


      Thank you!



      Slideshow - I've tried turning on and off "play narrations" and "use timings"




      Adobe Presenter Settings: Default slide duration was 5 seconds - I've tried with that or 0.



      Transitions - I've tried turning on and off "on mouse click"

      adobe-presenter-transition settings.JPG


      Slide Manager Settings: I've checked to make sure Advance by User is 'No' and Lock Slide is 'No'.