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    Do iPhone photos sync to Lightroom Mobile in Original Quality or Smart Preview?


      From my iPhone, I want to get the original (high quality) photo from my camera roll into Lightroom on my desktop. Currently, I am doing this by having Dropbox read my camera roll, and using WiFi, sync all new photos to a Dropbox folder. Then, when I launch Lightroom on my desktop, I have watch folder setup that imports all new photos sync'ed from Dropbox into Lightroom.


      I recently downloaded Lightroom Mobile, which has the ability to import any new photos from the camera roll directly to Lightroom Mobile. I have set this up to sync to Lightroom on my desktop with my Lightroom Mobile. From what I have read online though, Lightroom Mobile only syncs "smart previews", not the original image. This make sense for RAW files as they are huge, but what about regular JPEGs?


      My question is, if someone sets up Lightroom Mobile to sync in this way (from iPhone camera roll -> Lightroom Mobile -> Lightroom Desktop), does it sync the original (high quality) photo to your desktop, or just a Smart Preview? I am wondering if I can now eliminate the Dropbox syncing, and just use Lightroom Mobile instead.