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    Nook Glowlight Error Dialog "User Not Activated"


      For anyone who may be experiencing this issue, hopefully I can save you hours of frustration. This afternoon I spent 45 minutes on the phone with Nook support, and we tried everything - deleting the adobe files on the nook, resetting the nook, installing and uninstalling adobe digital editions, etc. What finally worked was installing Adobe Digital Editions 2.0! So if you are getting this message and are feeling frustrated, uninstall your adobe digital editions 4.0.1 and install 2.0

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          Brainguy Level 1

          This has been driving me nuts for the past week. I have spent way too much time on it. First went to the local Barnes and Noble store, they were stumped, then online chat with tech support tried all of the tricks you mentioned in your post, then talked to tech support on the phone, did everything over again, no surprise, same result. I came to the conclusion on my own that the problem had to be with the new version of ADE. Your post confirms this suspicion. Now I need to figure out where I can get the installer for ADE 2, and whether it will run on Yosemite.

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            Brainguy Level 1

            Thank you ShaiShai! I found the installers for ADE 2 and 3 at Adobe Digital Editions downloads I decided to try ADE 3 ( I thought it was unlikely that the issue had been around for a whole version with no comments to be found on the internet about it ). ADE 3 works! I'm very relieved.

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              ShaiShai Level 1

              That is awesome! I am so glad I could help someone else. It's good to know that ADE 3 works too.

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                I am having the same problem after upgrading my Simple Touch Nook with glow light software.  Was on the phone with B&N folks, with no luck.  I have ADE version 3 installed, so ????

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                  aethere Level 1

                  Here's the skinny if you (after downloading and installing V.3 or 2 and still not working, you ahve to delete the 'Digital Editions folders from your nook folders to officially 'unauthorize' your device. So incredibly confusing, but incredibly happy to have finally figured this ish out. HAPPY READING!!

                  1. Plug the NOOK on the computer using the USB cable.

                  2. Open “My Computer”.

                  3. Open the “NOOK” drive.

                  4. Delete folders named “Adobe Digital Editions” and “Digital Editions”.

                  5. Go back to “My Computer”.

                  6. Right click on NOOK drive and select Eject.

                  7. Unplug the NOOK from the computer.

                  8. Open “Adobe Digital Editions” application.

                  9. Plug the NOOK on the computer.

                  10. Pop-up window will be appearing saying “Device Setup Assistance”.

                  11. Select “Authorize Device” to authorize the NOOK.

                  12. You will see the NOOK folder under Bookshelves column.

                  13. Drag and drop the eBook on the NOOK folder.

                  14. Eject and unplug the NOOK.

                  15. Using the NOOK, go to “Library”.

                  16. Open your eBook and enjoy reading.

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                    lizpindc Level 1

                    I have tried all of the above multiple times, including trying versions 2, 3, and 4 on my Windows 8 machine and version 2 on my Mac Snow Leopard. I've unauthorized both the computer(s) and the Nook repeatedly and I've deleted both .adobe-digital-editions and Digital Editions folders from the Nook (repeatedly).


                    I just did the same thing with customer support from Barnes and Noble.


                    Is there anything else I can do to resolve this error? If not I will have to return the Nook.


                    UPDATE: A soft reset of the Nook Glowlight did the trick.

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                      Running win 7 pro, found same error code with 4.0 and 4.5,

                      Deleted eBooks from nook and downloaded Version. Adobe Digital Editions downloads worked.