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    Whats the most efficient way to create frame-by-frame animations in EA?

    cropher Level 1

      I know I can create animated GIFs and place them in my EA composition. But thats cumbersome and painful to edit. Another drawback is the fact that you can only tell EA when to play the gif; theres no way to fully control the playback and jump to certain timestamps or loop only a certain part of a GIF (unless I'm wrong?).


      Spritesheet animations seem even more painful to create and seem very sloppy and even more annoying when it comes to make any changes afterwards.


      The only other option I know is to place every frame of the animation as a seperate image in EA and then show/hide every image one after another via keyframes. Which would be a nightmare when it comes to animations with a larger number of frames. But the real dealbreaker is the fact that there seems to be a technical issue with this: When I played a looped frame-by-frame animation like this alongside other regular animations, the frame-by-frame animation created a noticeable stutter in the other animations. The stutter disappeared when the animation started looping, but thats still enough to make this technique somewhat unusable.


      I would really like to see a dedicated frame-by-frame animation feature in a future update. Until then: How do you create this kind of animation in EA? Or do you use a different tool for this job? I would love to hear suggestions!