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    To all Fireworks users

    Linus Lim

      Hi fellow FW users,

      my name is Linus, from Singapore. I am a Fireworks user.

      If you are Fireworks user and use it a lot still, i will love to invite you to my Fireworks community. (200+ members)


      I am the Product Manager for Fireworks CC - Project Phoenix

      I develop plugins for Fireworks and this is my site http://projectphoenix.io/

      If you love what i do for Fireworks, please sign up the mailing list to receive more updates and news in future.



      Email: lim.chunwui@gmail.com

      Twitter: www.twitter.com/chunwui

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          Linus Lim Level 1

          Hi everyone,


          just to inform everyone that the bug you all are facing unable to select object in Fireworks is caused by Spotify. 

          Currently there is no fix from Spotify.  The only way now is to quit Spotify when using Fireworks.


          I think a lot of people are facing this issue.