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    Flash Player Help Check Fails


      Win7ProSP1, 64Bit

      Intel i5 CPU, 650@3.2GHz 3.3GHz, 4GB RAM installed.

      Flash working fine until about a month ago.  Then started getting script errors and hangups and bogged down firefox.

      Tried updating firefox and flash, cleaning computer, virus checks etc. Nothing worked.

      Uninstalled Flash using Revo Uninstaller advanced mode.

      Helpx test said that it was not installed.

      Tried reinstalling Flash using Adobe_Flash_Player_(Non_IE)_v15.0.0.189.exe

      Installation completed OK.

      Started Firefox 33.0.2 in Safe mode.

      Went to helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html

      "Check if flash player is installed on your computer"

      Check Now click.

      "Your Flash Version 15.0.0"

      on my other computer where firefox is working properly it says "Your Flash Version"

      "Verify if Flash Player is installed"  does not work.