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    Multiple forms for the end-user?




      I have Creative Cloud and will most probably add FormsCentral to this subscription. I'm trying to set together a type of survey/database for a scientific study and need some help understandning whether FC + CC will fill my needs:


      • 12 centers participate and we're the national coordinator center.
      • The study will have a dedicated webpage for all local coordinators and this is where the form will be available (I'm thinking HTML instead of pdf?).
      • About 2000 patients will recieve an enquiry in paperform (unfortunately this cannot be digital).
      • Each patient will recieve a phone-call within a week from recieving the enquiry, asking them to participate in the study.
      • After this, most will send in the enquiry and it will be scanned digitally in some way for data registration.
      • Patients not answering the phone will be called and mailed two more times.
      • Patients not returning the enquiry will recieve a phone-call with additional questions.
      • Each center will have about 100 patients apart from the coordinatorcenter which will have about 700.
      • The coordinators who calls the patients will need to have a single form per patient with some data. This form will include data such as the patients coded number, if they have answered the phone, reasons for not answering the enquiry etc.

      Now, the fact that some patients won't answer the enquiry etc means that the form for each participant can't be submitted at once and this is my main question. Will this be a problem? Can each local coordinator have 10-20 unfinished forms awaiting completeness before submitting them to me?

      Any other problems any of you can foresee?


      Deeply appreciate any kind of advice, as I haven't done this before.



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          In this case I would suggest you to create a form in Form Central and download it as pdf with submit button enabled. You can email the pdf form to the coordinators for saving the data offline and once they submit the form, data will be submitted to form central.


          Also, you can save the unfinished form as pdf; it can be completed afterwards.


          If you have more questions, please Contact Customer Care.