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    Windows 8, Lightroom 5.6. When i enable filters to search. It cuts off the top 160  images. These images are NOT included in the search!!


      In Windows 8, Lightroom 5.6. The search/filter function cuts off the top 160+ images. These are NOT included in the search.

      Even when there are as little as 6 images it does not include the first 4 images.

      I found this when I was searching a particular ISO. It did not show in the metadata search. I knew there were over 60 images at that ISO.

      I tried a text search, it did not work either. The top 160+ images were left out.

      Also it renumbered the images. My image number was #163 but Lightroom said it was #1.

      In Windows 7 Enterprise, Lightroom 5.6 worked perfectly.