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    How do they do this

    Rich Rainbolt
      This link with an article about Adobe Apollo (03/21/07) http://www.crn.com/software/198001827 has an ad in the upper right corner for AMD where the small banner ad changes into a large (1/4 web-page) interaction with the content on the page.

      Does anyone know how to do this or a URL where there is a tutorial, explanation, plug-in-magic or course etc. on how to do this?

      The part that intrigues me is that I cannot image that AMD would pay for 600x600 if they only get that if people interact with the small banner ad. Also I wonder how the "shadow" interacts with the page (including the lower banner ad)? If anyone knows how this is done, I'd love to know.

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          Charles Parcell Level 1
          Here is a guess, having only looked at it for a few seconds...

          An HTML layer that contains a small SWF files. On rollOver (javaScript) the layer is sized and the source content of the layer is changed to a larger and different SWF file. Since both layers and the SWF background are transparent, it looks as if the page has been pealed back.
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            Rich Rainbolt Level 1
            That is an interesting idea.
            It is interesting to see how adverts are working with the web-publishing company to work with the page's html. It seems a lot more complicated than delivering a flash banner.

            I wonder how they work that with the site owner as far as buying space etc.. (not that I'm asking - just wondering)