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    PE13 save problem after importing PE12 projects


      Hi Guys,

      I recently installed PE13 and when opening projects I started in PE12, they open OK. But whan I save the project in PE13 after changes, I get a prel file that is less than 10% of the original size. And when opening the project again, I get Project not compatible with this version.

      I have tried save a copy but with same result.

      Is this a known error/bug or? Any workaround?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements has never been good with backward compatibility.


          In my books I've always recommended against opening a project that was created with an older version of the program in a newer version of the program. Or, if you do, make sure you keep a backup copy in case you run into problems like this.


          My recommendation is to finish your version 12 project in version 12, then start your new projects in version 13.

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            AkkaProductions Level 1

            Thanx alot Steve.

            I have been thru PE10, 11, 12 and now 13, but this is the 1st time I see a major issue with saving the project.

            The PE12 project file opens OK, loads all media, does rendering etc., but as soon as I save it goes bananas.

            I do see a difference in that earlier versions of prel were in XML format which made it easy to modify should you need to replace disks etc.

            Now in 13, the prel file is not readable with regular tools, but it is a lot smaller files.

            As I have alot of work into one of the projects, I will try a workaround and export/burn into e.g. an mp4, and then import that file in a 13 project before I start re-install 12 again.


            Just one last question, do you have any experience having multiple versions of PE installed? Anything I need to worry about?



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              So far I have not run into a situation where a saved closed Premiere Elements 12 Windows 7 64 bit project file would not open in Premiere Elements 13 Windows 7 64 bit. So, I am curious about the details of your situation.


              1. Is your Premiere Elements 12 and 13 on the same computer during this event? How did you open the 12 project file in 13?


              2. Have you moved, deleted, or renamed source media files folders that went into the saved closed 12 project file at any time during the course of this matter?


              3. When you successfully open the opened the 12 project file in 13, what specifically was the 10% loss related to

              a. just file size

              b. file size and content within the project (if within the project, what was missing)?


              4. When you wrote

              And when opening the project again, I get Project not compatible with this version.

              Is this version to which you refer = 13? Sounds like that is what you are saying.





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                AkkaProductions Level 1

                Hej ATR,


                To answer your questions

                1. Whenever I've upgraded PE, I have uninstalled the old version first, and after rebbot, installed the newer version. So I've never had multiple versions installed.

                2. I saved my projects in Sep, installed a new C drive and installed all apps etc. During that install, the former F drive with my projects, now became a D drive. I.e. same files on same disk, but withj a new drive letter.


                3. The original ver 12 prel file was around 9 Mb, but saving it in ver 13, it became 0.5 Mb. The XML is replaced with some compressed format in ver 13.


                After some trouble shooting yesterday and today, I think I found a workaround.

                - I reinstalled ver 12

                - Opened the prel file, and did a save copy

                - Opened the copy file in ver 13 which went OK.

                - Save the project in ver 13 format

                - And the file opens OK from within the application

                - The only issue with this project is that I cannot double-click on the prel file, nor use the quick load from existing project,  because it says the file is damaged. But if I do open project from within app via navigation, it seems to work OK after save, close and reopen again.


                I can live with this for now. I leraned not to uninstall the old app until everything is checked......


                I have tried opening other ver 12 projects, and they are all OK also after saving. So I guess this particular project carries a problematic line/code somewhere. But since it's not XML anymore, I can't do much more and will close my case now.


                Thanx to Steve and ATR for your interest and help with this.



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                  Gentlemen, I came across of this old post when I was searching web to troubleshoot my issues. I already posted my problems in the Adobe Forum but no one knows what to do. I will repost it here for you too, in case you can take a look and suggest some resolution. Please notice: I had PE11 on my OLD C drive that recently crashed. However I was saving my projects on a flash drive as well. Now my computer has 2 brand new drives: SSD and a reg HD. I purchased a new PE13 and installed it from DVD licenced disk on my new C SSD. So I have never had 2 versions at the same time on either drive. Then I copied my saved project to my new computer. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


                  I created a large project (about 14 GB) using Premiere Elements 11.(photo/video/audio/narration)

                  I wanted to open it in a newly installed Premiere Elements 13

                  I have Dell, Windows 7, intel i7, 8GB memory, 2 hard drives: C:--SSD 240 GB and J;- a reg HD=1 TB. My Premiere Elements 13 is installed on my SSD (C: drive) and I'm trying to save a project on my second drive J:. But I also tried to save a project on my C: drive and also couldn't save (see my issues below).


                  1) First issue: PE13 loaded only a part of my project & then it took tremendous amount of time showing "Generating Peak Time".It stacked at 99% and this indicator at the right bottom of the PE NEVER went away

                  2) After 1 hour  eventually I got my project in (but 99% was still displayed), However my project was NOT properly formatted anymore ( text formatting issues over the clip, missing frames, etc)

                  3) I attempted to fix the issues listed above and tried to save this project with a new name in PE13. IT DOESN"T SAVE!!!! It shows like a progress bar saving (my Auto-Save is also ON), but in fact the new project didn't save. I tried ALL 3 available options from a menu: Save, Save As, Save Copy, but a project file always stays at the ridiculous size 1305 KB. Therefore next time you try to load this project, but NOTHING loads at all. I lost ALL changes and all time!

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Be aware, if you create a project in an earlier version and open and edit it in a later version, you cannot go back and edit the later version edited project file in the earlier version program. Make copies of the earlier version project and open a copy in the later version project.


                    What provisions did you make to prevent disconnected source media in trying to open the 11 project in 13/13.1?

                    Did the drive letter of the flash drive remain the same once Premiere Elements 13/13.1, the SSD and reg HD entered the workflow?

                    What about the Scratch Disks save location 11 versus 13/13.1? And, how much free hard drive space exists at the Scratch Disks save locations? Where are the save locations for the Scratch Disks?


                    Are you getting any missing media messages as part of the problems? What is going on with the progress bar at the bottom right of the workspace - continuous generating peaks or does the message change to something else as activities continue in that progress bar.


                    Premiere Elements 11 and 13/13.1 are similar. What is the Premiere Elements 13/13.1 feature that you want to take advantage of to finish the 11 project?


                    Please review and consider.


                    Thank you.



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                      RB115 Level 1

                      I saved my projects on the flash drive. My old hard drive doesn't exist anymore. I cannot finish the project on PE11 as I don't have it anymore either. I bought a new PE13. The problem is that now PE doesn't even load the files from my old project however the system makes to believe that something is loading by showing that message at the status bar. I copied my project in the folder under C>Users>Admin>ADOBE>following by the" name of my project".


                      Instead of opening my old project, PE CREATES a NEW folder that also named Adobe. It creates it under a different path and stores a small file named "My new video project1" under My Documents. The path is  C>Users>Admin>My Documents>Adobe>Premiere Elements>13.0>My new video project1 (that is sized 3 kB)


                      I already tried to delete that systemically created folder and all its content that is located under My documents ( Adobe>Premiere Elements>13.0>My new video project1) but every time I try to open my old project PE persistently is creating this blank project in a new directory.

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Thanks for the details. From what you wrote, it sounds like things are working correctly for Premiere Elements 13/13.1 but not in accord with what you expected. Please let me explain, and then we can discuss this further.


                        When you saved your Premiere Elements 11 projects to the flash drive, what did you save

                        a. The archived project (Copy version) which would include a copy of the project file (.prel) as well as copies of the source media that was used in the project


                        b. just the Premiere Elements 11 project files (.prel)

                        When you import media into a project, all you get are copies of those originals. But, the copies in the project need to trace back to those originals at the hard drive save location where they were when first imported into the project. Consequently, you may not be able to open your saved Premiere Elements 11 projects in Premiere Elements 13/13.1 because of missing media.


                        The program automatically generates certain files and folders to default locations which cannot be changed by the user. But, in some instances, certain aspects of this situation an be modified to a certain extent depending on the intent.

                        Example Libraries/Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/13 which is the default save location for the Premiere Elements project file....

                        The 13 Folder is going to be generated automatically in the path cited no matter how many times you try to delete it. But, you can minimize what project related files and folders are stored in that 13.0 Folder. To do that:

                        a. you create a new Adobe Folder at your choice of save location

                        b. you point the project file to that save location using File Menu/New/Project's New Project Dialog or File Menu/Save As.

                        c. you go to Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disks and direct all the scratch disc to Same As Project choice in the drop down list for the scratch disc.


                        Reviewing what I think you have done


                        1. If you have a saved Premiere Elements 11 project file (.prel) without source media, these project files are unlikely to open in Premiere Elements 13/13.1, and, if they do open, the project will be asking for the missing media before the project will open.


                        2. You wrote

                        I copied my project in the folder under C>Users>Admin>ADOBE>following by the" name of my project".

                        In the Adobe Folder is the Premiere Elements Folder, and, in the Premiere Elements Folder, is the 13 Folder which contains the project file (.prel) and the project's folders such as Adobe Premiere Elements Auto Save, Adobe Premiere Elements Previews Files Folder, etc. Even if you have a project file supported by source media, the project file would be in the 13.0 Folder, not in the Adobe Folder, in the path that I gave.


                        Lots more details. Please review the above and then let me know if you are OK with that information. At this point, the important information that I need from you in order to decide what next is

                        How did you save your projects?.




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                          RB115 Level 1

                          Hello, thanks for your reply. My problem is NOT related to the fact that Adobe cannot find the originals. ALL my project's originals were saved and copied to my NEW C: hard drive to the same location they existed on the old C drive.


                          In fact Adobe can find all media: pictures, videos, audio, narration etc. However the result of loading my old project is very inconsistent. I only managed to load my old project two times, but MANY other attempts failed to load the content due to Adobe was not loading what I was trying to open. Instead it loaded a blank systemically generated project "My new video project1" (from C>Users>Admin>My Documents>Adobe>Premiere Elements>13.0>"My new video project1") even I didn't select it at all.


                          During those 2 times that somehow my old project was loaded in PE 13, I tried to save it using all three save options: Save, Save As and Save Copy. Changes WERE NOT saved.  Next time when I want to open my saved project or original project, Adobe still opens that systemically generated "My new video project1" which has NO data.


                          Also, seeing persistence from the Adobe program in creating a folder in the default location C>Users>Admin>My Documents>Adobe>Premiere Elements>13.0 I decided to save my old project in that directory and tried to open it from there. Still,  Adobe only opens a blank "My new video project1" size 3 kb. I cannot access my old project or saved project, even if we assume the changes were saved.


                          I see this as a BUG and don't understand why Adobe refuses to fix it. A new program has to be compatible with a prior version. It is ridiculous that a user cannot open & finish a project created only one version down PE11 , which as you pointed, doesn't even have major differences with a new version PE13. My computer operation system and all characteristics are also the same with a an exception of a new hard drive. But my new hard drive got an image from an old hard drive and all origianl files were copied there too.