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    Lightroom Quo Vadis?

    Thomas Gülden

      I subscribed to the Adobe photography subscription, even without the need to use Photoshop often. I mostly subscribed because Adobe gave the impression that subscribers may receive additional benefits (as a subscription is actually more expensive over the major version period than a paid upgrade), that new functions will be released more incrementally, and that new camera support will be released more timely.


      All this dies not happen. There is no mention (not to speak of a beta) of Lightroom 6, so the promise of more incremental development has not been materialized.


      Adobe introduced Lightroom mobile, which is a benefit for subscribers, but it has absolutely no practical use for me. I would have liked to see a mobile Lightroom as way to import my RAW files onto my iPad, so that I have a backup, and that I can start to do basic image management work, while traveling, such as keywording, rating, and add the IPTC attributes to an image. Nothing like this happened. As it seems, I cannot even import my raw files directly from my iPad card connector into Lightroom mobile. It is only able to snyc from my main Lightroom catalog via the Adobe cloud, which is useless, when you travel and when you have no broadband connection or when image transfer is out of questions because of online costs. So for traveling photographer, Lightroom mobile is actually useless.


      Instead, Adobe focuses its mobile strategy on image editing, instead of image management, which is a hge mistake. I won't edit images on any mobile device, because it does not make a lot of sense. Image editing is for me and presumably a lot of others something done on large and good monitors. Mobile editing could have some meaning for some quick and dirty stuff, but to me, a proper local raw import and image management would be more important. Ironically, the iPad Foto app can import my raw files and show the images  with no problems (embedded JPEGs), so why can't Lightroom mobile?


      Add to this, the recently slow support of additional cameras. Adobe was usually the quickest. Photokina is more than a months ago, new cameras a readily available, sensors haven't changed a lot. Currently, E-PL7 support is not in sight, there is even no release candidate for a Lightroom version, supporting this camera.


      Adobe wants to squeeze out more money from us, via tis cloud model. Which is ok. But only, if you improve the service and benefits for subscribers!


      I am a Lightroom user from Lightroom 1 beta! I was up to now very happy with it. Therefore, I subscribed, also to support the product. But today, it is the first time, I am absolutely not satisfied. Adobe Lightroom strategy is going into the wrong direction, unfortunately, and promised subscriber benefits are close to nothing.

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          RobbyW Level 1



          I fully agree to the words of Thomas !


          I also started with Lightroom 1 / PS6/7 and bought all available updates up to Lr 5 and PS-CS6. Then the subscription came along and I jumped on the train and bought the subscription for existing users as an update. The first 'kick in the ***' came when Adobe offered the subscription for the same price as upgraders who have spent thousands of bucks to the products to all people. The next kick is that Lightroom is not updated permanently as PhotoShop is. To my understanding of a subscription, this is one of the main features.

          Now we are at a point in which ACR is further developed than Lightroom ? Surely we got the mobile opions for lightroom, but for me, like Thomas said before, is worth nothing though I don't want to do any work to my pictures on the iPad. Furthermore, it to me it makes no sense to first import the pictures into Lr on PC ( or Mac), then create a collection called mobile, then wait for the upload of the pictures to Adobe's cloud and then again wait for the download to the iPad.


          Since more than 1 month there is a beta for ACR 8.7 which gives support to new cameras - where is the Lr 5.7 beta ? I remember earlier, prior to the subscription mode, there were a few days in between the beta for ACR and Lr.


          At this point, the complete subscription in the way offered and used by Adobe looks to me as just a simple way to make much more money for Adobe, and all things getting worst for the customer, especially for customer who are more interested in Lightroom than into PhotoShop !

          if you are able to change my mind, please, convince me, Adobe !

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Adobe doesn’t necessarily get more money from people signing up for the Cloud but it does even out their revenue stream to help with cash flow, so instead of relying on the cash every 18 months when people upgrade and then not much in between, they get the same amount each month, so can budget easier.


            LR is not part of the creative suite/cloud apps so is not updated with features every minor-release, only cameras and bug-fixes.  If Adobe ever makes LR subscription-only then they may release features with each update, but right now there is a serial-number-licensed version that they can’t make the CC version different from other than licensing. 


            The Photography Plan for LR+PS is a way for LR users who also used PS to some degree, but not as their main workflow, to get PS for half-price and Lightroom for free if you want to think about it that way, or LR for the normal upgrade price and PS for $40/year is another way to think about it.


            There hasn’t been a LR RC ever since the release of LR Mobile, so LR users have to use DNGs for the month or two between the RC release and the Final release if they want camera support for a brand new camera that the PS-ACR RC supports but not LR.  I expect this has to do with added work the LR team has to do due to Mobile and not being able to release a LR Mobile RC at the same time as the ACR/DNGC RC.