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    Dark areas in photos looks different in Loupe and Develope


      First let me say that I´ve created a similar thread in lightroomforums.net.

      Let me also add that I´ve made extensive research on the web and also read this post: Why does the color and or tone of my image change after import?



      This is my current setup.

      I run lightroom 5.6, OSX 10.10.


      I have been shooting with a 7D or a EOS M in RAW, Adobe RGB With picture style set to standard and no JPG´s.

      I have imported my photos as DNG´s with no develop settings applied and build previews set to 1:1 (I have tried different settings here).

      I have my Catalog Settings / Preview Cache set to 2880 pixels, quality: High (I have also tried different settings here) (I have a very big screen)


      Now to my problem.

      Now when I review my photos in 1:1 (or any other size) the dark areas looks good in develop module but when i go back to Loupe the dark areas have a slightly brighter, less contrast look.

      This problem only occurs in the darkest parts and does not effect the rest of the image. The overall picture looks the same except for the very darkest parts.


      I have tried different monitor calibration settings but the issue persists.

      I have tried to create a new catalog, import some new shots but with no difference.

      I have also done the same but instead of import to DNG´s I have copied the CR2´s, no difference.

      I have tried to optimized the catalog and I have also "Update DNG previews and metadata", no difference.

      When "edit file in photoshop CC" the version of the photo that opens in photoshop is the "Loupe" view.

      This only happens with RAW/DNG files and not with TIFF or JPG.


      Here is a picture that in my case looks very bad in Loupe view but significantly better in Develop View: Dropbox - IMG_3662.dng


      I will also try to post two screendumps at 2:1 from the the two views. The picture with more darks in it is the screendump from the develop module and the less dark is from the loupe view.


      Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 13.08.30.jpgScreen Shot 2014-11-01 at 13.08.44.jpg


      Why is this occurring? How can I stop it?

      Any help is highly appreciated.



      I have taken 4 new shots with the same setup as described above.

      But with different color settings and picture styles.

      Adobe RGB - Standard

      Adobe RGB - Neutral

      sRGB - Standard

      sRGB - Neutral

      With the same results. Dark areas look darker in Develope module.


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