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    Collection created on lightroom.adobe.com not synchronizing with Lightroom full version


      I have a very hard time understanding the workflow of sharing a collection on the web for a client (lightroom.adobe.com), letting her choose the photos she prefers (either with the heart icon or comment field). Nothing she does on the web, heart or comments, shows back in Lightroom. I ended up creating another collection on Lightroom mobile for iPad, reviewing each photo she had chosen and copying them to a new Collection. After all this hard work, I went back to Lightroom on my desktop to edit the photos but whatever I do (unconnected and reconnected), the new collection does not show in Lightroom. What is the use of such a feature if you cannot use it properly and end up wasting all this time? I looked everywhere for tutorials on this. There is nothing addressing this workflow which seems obvious to any photographer. In short, here are my two questions:

      1. How can you make a heart icon or a comment made on lightroom.adobe.com show back in Lightroom?

      2. How come a collection made in Lightroom on iPad does not show back in Lightroom?