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    how to schedule actions  in photoshop


      We are facing problem to schedule the action in photoshop cc and would require help for same.

      Please suggest if there is any option available.


      Let me also brief the requirement:

      There is set of multiple images and different multiple photoshop masking actions which needs to be apply.  So every masking should generate a different output.

      For example there is array of images approx 1000 different images.

      and there is another array of 50 different layout (object style which include multiple masking actions) which needs to merge with all images, so there will be total 1000x50 = 5000 images 

      The 1 layout require approx 1 hour to apply on all images


      The problem we are facing in action is it only takes one action at a time so we need to know

      1- how to define action in such a way that it pick different layout time after completion of previous.

      2- Or can we schedule action in time so we will save different actions with different combination and trigger it as per time.


      if there is any other better way, plz advise


      Thanks in advance