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    Lightroom preset changes look between two computers.


      I have two Apple computers, an iMac and a new retina laptop. I downloaded the latest version of LR on my laptop. When I open LR and my images, it does the thing where the images "adjust and look flat" but only on my laptop, it does not do this on my iMac. When I use a preset that I purchased while editing on my laptop, the image still looks flat and I must adjust the tone curve to make up for it. When I moved the catalog (on my external hard drive) to my iMac to see what they looked like, they looked dull. I used the EXACT same preset from my iMac and the "dullness" disappeared. I had to re edit an entire session. I brought the catalog back to my laptop to see if it had to do with my display, it did not because the images were visibly different. I have screenshots.
      Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 8.16.30 AM.png
      Right is the "dull" images in LR on my laptop, left is the exported image (exported from my LR on my iMac with the exact same settings, literally the same image exported but from my iMac, now opened on my laptop)

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          Hi Brianna, if you haven't resolved this issue, I think I just discovered why this was happening. I had the exact same problem today and realized it was because I had VSCO presets saved on my iMac but not on my laptop so it might be the same for you if you use VSCO. I had to download it onto my laptop and then Lightroom recognized the settings. In Lightroom under Camera Calibration, there are different Camera Profiles to choose.. when my images were looking flat, the only options I had were Portrait, Neutral, Landscape. Now that VSCO is downloaded, I see all the different Profiles and my images look exactly the way I had edited them on my iMac. I hope this helps!!