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    Regarding Flash, XML and VBScript


      I am trying to create an application which can be downloaded by the intended audience on their machines. The application consists of a Flash client and an XML file. The flash client loads the data from the XML file and the user can update the data and store it back in the XML file. In short, the XML file is serving as a database.

      Now in order to update the XML file, I will be needing a scripting language like PHP, ASP or VB-Script according tom\my search on the forums. As there is no server involved here, I think I will be needing VB Script. Can anyone please confirm?

      Further, is there a better way to implement all this?


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          Any backend scripting language should be able to create XML files. As long as you can output properly formatted XML from your scripting language flash will be able to load the information. Flash does not require that the file has a .xml extension.
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            essaeyu Level 1
            Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the delay as I was away on holidays. I know that PHP can be used but I want to run the application from a projector and do not require a web server. From what I have found so far, linking flash projectors to databases can be done only with third party tools which come with a price. I guess there is no way that we can achieve that in flash. Or there is?
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              Darshan Rane Level 3
              i am also ssearching for same thing modifying xm file from flash but its not possible to save xml file through flash rather its not possible to write or update a file through flash only.

              i found out that director does these job through files xtra plugin

              still searching for something simpler