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    Need help with a script

      Hi there,

      Probably not a big deal but somehow I can´t figure it out. I need to make the browserwindow a fixed size so that, regardless of which size ones browser is set to, that it adjust to the size I want. Here´s an example: http://new.se/

      Are there a script for this or another way to do it?


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          2m Level 2
          you can only (try) to achieve what you want with Java-script.
          There is no way to make it work a 100% though, as Java-script (or parts of it) can be (and are quite often) disabled by the user. Action-script can only indirectly control Java-script, it has no access to browser-window properties.
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            Hompe123 Level 1
            Hmm...that´s to bad. There are ways in Dreamweaver to do it. Would it be possible to put the final flashmovie in a Dreamweaver document to get around the problem?

            / J
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              What Dreamweaver does is putting in a Java-script into the Page (that contains the swf in your case). This is probably the closest thing to your goal you can achieve.

              I'd give it a try. Some advise (even if not asked for) from an old man: Some users don't like pages resizing (or trying to) their browsers and close those pages for fear of viruses etc.
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                Hompe123 Level 1
                Okey. I´ll give it a shot then :-). I share your conserne that some users probably will dislike it. And you always have to weigh pros against cons. In this case I think that the user is quite used to this way of working. Thank you so much for your input on the topic.

                Best Regards