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    Can't copy a layer and all of its frames

    lucifer63 Level 1

      Hello !


      I made a project in Flash, it consists of 4 layers of classical animation - handwriting; the whole animation is 2100 frames long.

      I need to do some things like move my text or resize it, so the best way is to create a symbol, paste all needed frames into this symbol's timeline and later put this symbol in some layer at the workspace.


      I tried to do so, but when i copy ALL the frames from this "damn layer" Flash freezes for 100-120 seconds and when i try to paste copied frames somewhere the "Paste frames" button is inactive, so i think Flash just do not want to copy them.

      Same **** happens when i try to copy the entire "damn layer" - 30 seconds and then "Paste layer" button is inactive.


      Also when i copy this "damn layer" Flash freezes, takes 25% of CPU(one entire core), in 1 second takes 40-70 mbs of additional memory, makes about 60 000 page errors in memory and then frees additional memory.

      When i try to copy all the frames Flash freezes, takes 25% of CPU, in 1 sec takes 40-70 mbs of additional memory, makes the same quantity of page errors, in one moment takes 400-500 mbs of memory, and then frees all the additional memory.


      Seems like Flash does some preparations for 30 second, then tries to copy frames (additional 500 mbs) and fails.


      Can you help me ?


      Though my question is "Can't copy a layer and all of its frames" i think i made something really bad in Flash settings 'cause such errors appear every week, errors that make work with Flash just impossible.


      This is the "bad" things about Flash:

      • It's obvious that Flash doesn't use all 4 cores of my CPU but only one,
      • Flash makes A LOT of page errors, it's first in the list of apps grouped by page errors,
      • It sometimes freezes when i try to do something - this case is not the first,
      • Also it freezes once per 5-6 minutes when i work with "bad" layers/frames/symbols,
      • I often can't get up courage to do simple operations 'cause Flash will what? Yeah, that's right - freeze for a minute or two and fail to do this operation

      Information about my system and Flash:

      Win 7 Ultimate x64 SP1, Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, 8 gbs RAM

      Adobe Flash Pro x32 CS6


      Is there something wrong with my PC or Flash installation ?

      If there are some awesome guys who really know how to help me and don't wanna write big instructions for me, i can even send 'em my TeamViewer ID and Pass, 'cause i really can't work with Flash, that's just a catastrophe.


      Thanks in advance and many apologies for my English !


      UPD: sent this project to my friend, who has a bit stronger PC with Win 7 x64 and Adobe Flash Professional CC 2014 build, and the same: only one core and fails to copy 'damn layer' (