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    HELP Lightroom 5.6 Spontaneously Reboots Computer

    dick Level 1

      Lightroom 5.6 is installed on a new computer running Windows 8.1 and all drivers and software are up to date.  All other software is running fine including InDesign which has been used heavily for 5-6 hours without problems.  I imported my existing photos into a new catalog in a freshly installed Lightroom 5.6.  After Import, with minimal previews generated on all 11,400 images, I tried generating 1:1 previews on a small group of images and the computer spontaneously (no pause, no blue screen) just rebooted without any warning.  After the reboot I tried to start Lightroom again, received a message saying; “error in previews and Lightroom needs to close”.  Kept receiving this same message each time when starting Lightroom again and was unable to open Lightroom.  Uninstalled Lightroom and ran CCleaner to clear registry entries, cleared all Lightroom preferences and rebooted computer and then re-installed Lightroom.  Thinking that there may be some sort of error in the existing catalog I decided to start a new catalog and re-imported all images again.

      (I have subsequently concluded that the error is in the Preview files. Apparently when Lightroom closes in a spontaneous reboot the preview files are corrupted hence the message I received. When the reboots happen during 1:1 preview creation I can successfully restart Lightroom if I first delete the Preview folder.)


      After importing all images into the re-installed Lightroom tried creating 1:1 previews and experienced the same spontaneous reboot of the computer.  Thinking that there might have been some kind of error in the downloaded software, I downloaded a new copy of Lightroom 5.6 and re-installed the software (have done this twice now).  Again Lightroom spontaneously rebooted the computer when attempting to create 1:1 previews.  Uninstalled and reinstalled Lightroom in the manner previously described above.  After re-importing all images I decided NOT to create previews this time.  But as I was selecting an image in Library to show large, Lightroom spontaneously rebooted again; however this time I was able to restart Lightroom without receiving an error message.  After restarting Lightroom as I tried to select a new image in Library the computer once again spontaneously rebooted.


      At this point I have uninstalled and re-installed Lightroom 5.6 eight times.  Each time I have carefully searched the computer to make sure that all vestiges of the previous installation have been deleted by using CCleaner, deleting ALL Lightroom folders and searching the registry to make sure that there was nothing left of the prior Lightroom installation.  I also deleted the catalog and all presets.  So at this point I am at a loss as to what my next step should be.

      Any suggestions?  Thank you.


        Background: I started using Lightroom when Adobe purchased RAWshooter and upgraded all their uses to Lightroom version 1. So I have used every version through Lightroom 5.6. I have Lightroom installed on three other computers and they all run without an issue. This is the first time in all the years I have been using light that I have encountered any problem.

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Computer re-booting is almost always a hardware issue. My first guess is that the CPU is overheating, and that the cooling system isn't working properly.

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            To check for overheating, on Windows, you can use something like CPUID’s HWMonitor to watch the fan speed and core temperatures:



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              dick Level 1

              Thanks for the responses.

              I have already installed HWMonitor when dj_page suggested it may be due to overheating yesterday.

              Tried to insert a print sceeen but file was too big.

              The CPU package is running at 62°C

              the 4 cores vary from 61,62,64,54

              I don't know if this is hot or normal.

              Once I get into Lightroom I have no way of telling what the temps are as the second I generate a 1:1 preview the computer reboots.

              All three case fans and CPU fan are running.

              Don't know what else I can check.

              The case is a mid-tower Antec with lots of space and well designed ventilation.

              Currently I'm using the Intel graphics display built into the motherboard. Have a new graphics card coming because I suspect that the added load of the video onto the CPU may be causing the issue. What do you all think?

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                My cores are 35-40 before computing previews, and during that they go up to 40-60 but mostly in the low 50s.  This is the continuously varying instantaneous core temperature.


                Do Standard Previews make it reboot? 


                Does it reboot if you Export to full-sized JPGs, which is similar to what previews are.


                Have you checked your HD for errors?


                Can you do a memory test during boot up -- some special startup mode by pressing a key?

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                  dj_paige Level 10

                  62 C is way too high

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                    dick Level 1

                    Thanks for the replies I'll have to check and see if the CPU fan needs to be re-seated.

                    And let you know what I find.

                    Thanks again for your insights.

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                      dick Level 1

                      After doing all sorts of stress tests on the CPU I couldn't find a real cause because heat wasn't the issue. While the CPU ran on the hot side I was able to have it run over 7 minutes using HeavyLoad running everything BUT the CPU load and the temps would rise to over 90 C and still run without a problem. I then waited for all the temps to return to 30 C (idle temp) and would just apply a CPU load. The moment I clicked the start button the computer rebooted with the temps still at 30 C. So I took the same model CPU from my older computer that ran at 3.5 GHz (instead of 4.0 GHz) and installed it in the problem computer. The 3.5 chip ran without a problem so I called Newegg and they are replacing the CPU which will take about 10 days to turn around since I was returning it after the 30 day return period.

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                        SussexJohn Level 1

                        I do not think any of the answers around this topic are right.  There is something very wrong with LR 5.6.  Why do I say this?  Look around the posts - there is a pattern.  Add this.  My wife and I both have CC plans.  I have two machines running CC (inc LR5.6). My wife has one.  All three installs are going through 'corrupt catalogue / will atemp to fix on restart / close ....... repeat.


                        We have done all the things you all have............no joy.


                        Come on Adobe!

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                          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Once the computer spontaneously reboots, something is likely corrupted with the catalog and/or preview cache and trying to open the catalog on another computer isn’t going to change that.  I suspect LR 5.6 (or maybe 5.5) is the first version to actually pop up an error message when the preview catalog is corrupt, so just because the messages are all references LR 5.6, doesn’t mean the problem started with 5.6, just that 5.6 is the first version to notify about the issue.


                          Have you deleted the preview cache folder?


                          Create a new, empty catalog and import everything from the old catalog into it.

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                            dj_paige Level 10

                            You have a different problem, SussexJohn.  Of course none of the solutions discussed work for you.


                            Ssprengel has the answer, delete your preview cache.